Conscious Parenting


ConScious parenting,baby care,healthy attachment,unconditional love are all about sowing seeds, investing the purity of your attention in the parent child relationship. The emotional attachment starts from the moment you feel the presence of the baby in the womb.Birth only enhances the degree of love and attachment.

The bond between the parent child duo depends hugely on the way a parent interacts with the child in the quality of care giving,sensitivity,safe and secure feeling,deep trust and love.The initial bonding is most deepest, strongest and unshakeable …..

A child feels secure in the love and care showered upon him by his parent.A sense of belonging and safety a child senses in the parent,the trust that a parent is around for him always….is the most primary security a child looks for.Securely attached children are more confident empathic and caring.They are more adaptive in giving and caring unconditionally…….This is the result of secure attachment.

A parent is most often attuned receptive,sensitive in nurturing a child effectively.At times they can be insensitive or emotionally unavailable.They vacillate between being a caring and uncaring parent. Beind an unpredictable parent confuses a child.Such kids tend to be self critical and insecure. And they tend to seek assurance from elsewhere and live in a state of self doubt.The fear of being rejected often makes them anxious and not trusting.As parents understand the cause and effect rule.What a child receives is what he shall give. And you as a parent is his teacher.Give him what you what him to give.

Bonding with a child happens naturally. No logic and statistics are needed.Just follow your heart and nature takes the lead.When the early stage bonding is deep and unconditional and inspite of trivial or major misunderstandings, love shall surface all over again.Seeds sowed with love shall give fruits without a doubt.Bond with your child in a fashion which is nothing but love and compassion.Help your child to being a wonderful warm person.Help him to be the compassionate soul that he/she is…..