Do’s and Don’ts


No matter how hard and meticulously you plan your pregnancy; you will always be confronted with something unknown every other day. A pregnancy is full of possibilities. Anything can go wrong anytime. But, it does not imply that you should always refrain from indulging in things you love. Some things you can do among other things you actually cannot. Here are some useful tips on do’s and don’ts during your pregnancy.


Start taking folic acid and multivitamins before trying to get pregnant. It is advised to take at least 400µg of folic acid every day.

Choose a good doctor and a midwife after doing some proper research.

Make regular prenatal and antenatal appointments.

Get yourself screened for any hidden diseases like sexually transmitted infections or any other diseases.

If you are already taking medications like anti-epileptic drugs or any other drug, make sure to discuss the effects of drugs on pregnancy with your physician, before trying to get pregnant. That’s because some drugs can cause fatal defects in the fetus.

Make sure your diabetes and high-blood pressure like conditions are kept under control.

Try to get vaccinated with Rubella and flu like useful vaccines before getting pregnant.

Always eat healthy foods like vegetables, legumes, whole grains, dairy products, and fruits. Handle, clean, cook, eat and store food properly.

Maintain adequate weight gain for each trimester.

Take vitamins and supplements when needed.

Drink more fluids including water every day.

Exercise regularly. Working out will help you ease all the aches and pains of your body. It will prepare you for labor by making you physically fit and strong. Doing pelvic exercises will make your labor process easy.

Practice yoga and meditation. It will help you calm down and get rid of stress.

Listen to soothing music.

Get a routine oral checkup. Visit your dentist regularly and get your teeth cleaned.

It is totally fine to have sexual intercourse as long as you don’t have conditions like placenta previa.

Clean your hands properly after using the bathroom or handling raw meat.

Get some adequate sleep of 7-9 hours each day.

Always wear a seat belt while traveling. Make sure that the lap strap is under your belly and the shoulder strap is between your breasts and to the side of your belly. Ensure that it is neither too tight nor too loose.


Do not smoke or stay near a person who is smoking. It can block your baby from receiving proper nourishment, resulting in miscarriage, preterm birth, and stillbirth.

Avoid drinking alcohol. It can cause fetal alcohol syndrome like disorders.

Avoid handling toxic substances and chemicals like insecticides, mercury, lead batteries, cleaning solvents, and paint.

Do not clean cat litter boxes. It is better not to keep the litter boxes inside the house at all.

Do not eat raw meat. They can cause foodborne diseases like listeriosis that can be life-threatening.

Avoid consuming unpasteurized milk products. Raw milk contains harmful bacteria.

Avoid taking hot baths, or using hot tubs and saunas. High temperatures are unfavorable for the fetus. They can also make you faint.