How Much Does Having A Baby Cost?


Having a child is one of the best experiences that can happen to any couple. But while it is fulfilling to bear and raise a child, you need to be prepared before deciding to be a parent. Family planning is essential to ensure that your child will not suffer the consequences of your actions someday.

You have to be physically ready and financially capable. If you think the only thing you have to save for is the cost of the hospital bills, then you couldn’t be more wrong. There are numerous expenses you will incur from the moment your spouse conceive your baby up until your child can live on his own.

Check-ups and Ultrasound Expenses

The moment you have known that you and your spouse is welcoming a baby soon, you should go see a doctor. The physician will check the condition of the fetus, placenta, and amniotic fluid through ultrasound. This is to know the mother’s due date and if your baby’s condition is normal.

Most pregnant women in the U.S. get at least two ultrasounds before they give birth. However, if problems arise such as birth defects and high-risk pregnancies, your spouse needs to frequent the hospital for more ultrasounds.

The cost of every ultrasound vary from place to place, estimated is from $280 to $321. That excludes the doctor’s fee and the medicines that would be prescribed to the mother.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average cost for prenatal care throughout the duration of pregnancy is around $2,000. It includes urinalysis, routine blood tests, and other laboratory tests.

If you don’t have health insurance that covers pregnancy expenses, you will certainly shell out a significant amount of money.

Hospital Expenses upon Delivery

A report from the Truven Health Analytics shows that the total amount you might spend is $30,000 for vaginal delivery and around $50,000 for C-section.

Usually, your doctor or the hospital will provide an estimate, but it’s better to prepare a bigger amount for an emergency. During surgery, your spouse and baby might suffer from unexpected complications or problems, so be ready.

Cost of Baby’s Basic Needs

Your expenses don’t end after your spouse gives birth. If the mother can’t breastfeed your baby for some reasons, you need to buy baby food. Your child also needs clothes, diapers, skin care and hygiene products, and other baby essentials.

Allot around $100-200 per month for the first few months and a higher budget as the baby grows.

Vaccination Average Price

Most health insurance doesn’t cover or only offers inadequate assistance to immunization expenses. It’s important not to miss the required vaccines for your child to ensure optimum health. It helps boost your baby’s immunity against diseases. Failing to comply will cause you more problems and expenses.

The average total cost of vaccination for your baby’s first year is $620 and $1,170 during childhood and adolescence.

Cost of Having a Nanny

If you and your spouse are working, you need a nanny to take care of your baby. You have to set aside around $2,820 to pay for the service of a live-out babysitter per month.

In case you want her to live with you so she could look after your baby 24/7, you need to allot additional budget for her food.

This huge amount still excludes emergency fund for your baby in case he gets sick. You surely don’t want to reach a point when you would regret not taking family planning seriously.

Prepare to take responsibility and save up for these possible expenses.