How to Potty Train your Child?

Potty training 
Every task with your child is special and heart warming.The moment you hold your child for the first time,his first cry,smile,gaze,or feeling his warmth is precious.Special are those moments too when you help your child with the feed,hold fingers or teach to burp.Training your child with potty helps in feeling the bond too…..
How soon can you train your child with potty?The answer depends majorly on You,nature of your child and most important on the culture you belong to…In some parts of the world potty training starts  early ….at times as early as within weeks of giving birth.Surprising but true.The situation is different in western culture where a child is trained as late as 3 years. These kids don’t master the toilet training and are in diapers until then,sometimes until they age four.These kids wearing diapers do not have a fixed time to relieve themselves. As a result they are wet for long hours until changed into fresh diapers.
It may seem absurd to these westerners that in places like India potty training starts in infancy or when they are 9-12 months old.But this doesn’t mean that the child will manage to the loo independently.Instead ,you help your child to excrete every time you anticipate him to pee or poop.
How and when to train your child?Breastfed babies poop frequently during the day.And at irregular intervals. So it is advisable to start with the training once solid food is introduced because his potty patterns change with the solid food.
Potty training in an infant 
When training an infant,the parent usually holds a baby over a sink,toilet or a rubber sheet.The parent folds the baby’s legs gently and holds them over his tummy.This puts pressure on the tummy and helps him to pee.A prompting sound is made by the parent and the baby learns to associate it to pee.Keep cloth or wet tissues handy because the pressure can soil the area.This way you can help your child to stay dry and relieve him of possible diaper rashes and infections.
Training for potty for 9-12 months 
A baby learns to sit steadily and hold his head upright when he is  6 months old.This is when you can start training him for potty. At this age the child pees less frequently and you can train him on a potty chair.
How to train your child?
Start observing your child and understand his potty patterns. When and how often he pees?Make a note of the time(if any particular time and interval)he peesLike immediately after waking up,after nap or meals.Notice for signs if any,specific gestures expressions or sounds from him.Now you can roughly make a pattern to train him.You may follow these simple suggestions which are of help.
  • Make a sound and familiarise your child to recognise it while excretion.Traditional sounds like “sssssss” or “pss pss” are common in most Indian households. Some parents use phrases like go potty or coaxing words to help him relieve. Keep repeating them until he finishes with potty.
  • Take him to potty at regular intervals.Monitor with the visits until he recognises his call on his own.With a little prompting he relieves himself during these visits.Later this cultivates into a habit.
  • Cultivate the habit of sitting on the seat patiently until his stomach is clear.If not he would need to pee at irregular intervals.You may intelligently distract him or entertain him sufficiently to be seated during that period. You make give him a toy to play with or talk to him during that time.
  • Appreciate and encourage your child while he is relieving himself. Tell him encouraging words to gain his confidence.
  • Just as much as you want him to learn the potty skill be patient and flexible when he resists.There can be an exception for the times he may not feel up to it.And it’s absolutely fine to use diapers at those times specially when you are out or during nights.
  • Look for signs which suggests a tummy ache.It usually is a sign for the need to potty.
Now the most important question….How successful is potty training?Most parents are lucky enough with babies who read the signs and signals of body and heed towards potty.While some babies take time to master the skill.But sooner or later you train your child with
potty. Have patience and help your child to cultivate a healthy potty pattern.