How will my partner change after having a baby?


Motherhood can change a woman forever, and this includes all the aspects of her life. As a partner, you should prepare yourself for this life-changing event. Now that a new member of the family is finally arriving, your priorities as a couple will drastically change. A new chapter in your lives is about to unfold, so it’s expected that you’ll see a lot of changes in your spouse – both externally and internally. That’s why you’ll need to know how a woman transitions into a mother so that you’ll be able to fully function as an effective partner for her. Here’s what to expect:

Physical Changes   

A lot of physical changes can happen after giving birth. Whether undergoing C section or not, a woman’s body would need constant rest in order to recuperate fully. However, with a cesarean, more rest is better as the body is not only recovering from labor but also from the surgery. This comes with a loss in sex drive and numerous changes in the body such as weight gain, thinning hair, and breast reduction and sagginess.

Hence, it’s possible that her insecurity is at its highest peak. What you could do is to make her feel that nothing has changed. This is a great time for you to rekindle you and your partner’s passion, and this time, as parents.

Emotional Changes

Postpartum depression is common amongst mothers. They’ll have episodes of mood swings after the first few weeks of giving birth as well. This is because of the sudden drop of hormones in the woman’s body, thus leading to a turmoil of emotions. Luckily, this can be treated. Visiting your doctor, going to counseling, and even taking medicine can help alleviate these symptoms.

Talking to your partner is a must during these moments. Help her settle these emotions and encourage her to share her concerns with you. In this way, you’ll be able to console her and give her confidence back. Doing so will help you empathize with her more.

Ways of Coping and Supporting your Spouse

Having a baby is a sudden shift. This means that you and your partner’s focus will be diverted towards your child. However, now that a baby is in the scene, it’s common for fathers to feel unattended and frustrated with the drastic adjustments going on. It’s also not helping that your partner’s sudden outburst of emotions could happen out of the blue. Now is not the time for resentment though because this is a crucial stage for the both of you. Nevertheless, there are several ways for you to reconnect with your partner in loving ways. Here’s what you could do:

  • Take Care of the Baby

Parenting is a shared responsibility. Offer to care for the baby and let your partner rest. You’ll not only give her a break, but you’ll also bond with the baby.

  • Help with the Chores

Taking care of the baby is draining. So, offer to help around the house. You could cook the meals or tidy up your home to lessen the burden on your partner.

  • Give lots of Attention and Care

Being a loving partner is the best thing you could do to your spouse. She’ll need constant assurance, cooperation, and understanding from you during this time. Thus, be extra caring to make her feel relieved and thankful for the support.

Fatherhood is a great and exciting experience. Knowing what to expect after the arrival of your child will not only prepare you as a father but will also make you a better partner to your spouse.