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HI! ON behalf of my family, i extend the heartiest, warmest welcome to you! welcome aboard www.papabambino.com, your guide to happy parenting! if you are visiting this site, you maybe a blessed parent already, on the way to becoming one, or planning to have a beautiful child....we at www.papabambino.com, wish you the very best, and are more than thrilled to guide you through the journey of life,life offers to each one of us, some really precious, unprecendented moments, and becoming a father is certainly one of them! being a blessed father myself, i can certainly vouch for that! this divine benediction when bestowed upon you, on the arrival of your little angel, is one of the greatest joys in the world, and truly speaking nothing else compares to that! But sometimes the journey leading to the birth of a child can be a trying phase for a father to be, were he has a lot of questions, doubts and apprehensions about his partners pregnancy, childbirth, and safe parenting...these apprehensions, misplaced notions about pregnancy and childbirth can often cause a lot of stress to the father to be, especially due to his limited knowledge and lack of inclination, and this stress and angst can prevent him from experiencing one of the greatest pleasures in life...thats the JOY OF BEING A DEVOTED FATHER! SO, we at www.papabambino.com, have put together all the information a father to be, will need and can hugely benefit from, to make his journey very enriching and fulfilling. so that he loves every moment of his fatherhood, and experiences the bliss of happy parenting!

This is a snapshot of my family. my wife and i are dedicated parents and we have a 9 month old boy, the love of our life! when we were blessed with our little angel, for that matter, the phase before that itself, when my wife was going through with her pregnancy, that period was very tough for me, because we did not have extended family to help us out, and no elderly woman to answer our doubts about any aspect of safe and healthy pregnancy..as a result of that, i underwent a huge amount of stress, as i felt i was floundering in the dark, when it came to many aspects of safe and healthy pregnancy and childbirth. i loved my wife immensely and our child in the womb, and wanted to do the best for them, but due to lack of support from peers and lack of adequate knowledge, i felt helpless, nervous and jumpy...every moment was charged with high tension and stress, coz i was worrying every moment, if i was doing the right thing, and if that was enough! it was indeed a tough phase when i look back now, but that tough phase taught me something, that i want to share with all the fathers to be in this world! it motivated me to dive deeper into every aspect of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, and since i was motivated by the single most potent desire to do the best for my family and my child, i did not stop with just basics, i learnt everything there was to know about it and equipped with the knowledge, coupled with the yearning to be a father...i finally was able to let go of my worries....and today im a humbled, blessed parent...a father whos joy knows no bounds!!

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