Enter the Sanctum of Spontaneity


Being a parent, or having a child at home that you are close to, is indeed the ultimate benediction! Whats so special about the child?!? Rabindranath Tagore once wisely remarked “ child is the father of man!” and its so apt…here he obviously wasn’t referring to the physical status of the child..he was referring to the qualitative aspects of the the child, his/her fundamental nature, which is rooted in spontaneity. Its SOUL and the aspect of always being grounded and rooted to the immediate present moment…and living life from one moment to another…its like a rhapsody, with every note being lived to the fullest..thats why the child is the father of man! For the child never oscillates between the past and the future..it remains in full spontaneity, responding spontaneously to every moment unfolding, without having preconceived notions about whats to unfold, or what happened in the immediate past…that’s the beauty of the child!

If one deeply observes a child, one can decipher the truth very easily. One can see how the child behaves and conducts itself, from a moment to moment basis..the child can be hurt and upset one moment, and then immediately let go of it, and become fully engrossed in the next moment. It doesn’t carry residual emotions of the previous moment into the present moment…that’s why, they can be crying one moment, and then suddenly laughing their hearts out the very next moment…everything about them is rooted in spontaneity, born out of natures innate rhythm or flow of life. It emulates the flow and ebb of life..they eat only when hungry, sleep only when sleepy and drink only when thirsty..their instincts are totally governed by the rhythm of life, and that’s what makes them special!

They do not burden themselves with any kind of mental construct, either external or internal and adapt themselves in order to conform to the mental construct, considering it to be of significant importance to exist in the society. They are free from and norms, tags, labels and belief systems..that again makes them very special!

A child doesn’t care about appearances, social status or material acquisitions…for it has within the inherent knowledge that these things are not significant in contributing to ones well being which is rooted in spontaneity…and that’s the truth! And the child knows it! They can be happy without any reason, and for a long time…they can laugh and cry for no apparent reason..but their heart and spirit is rooted in spontaneous existence..they don’t carry any memory of the past nor do they carry any subtle expectations of the future.

This precious quality of children has to be acknowledged and imbibed by the grown ups around them. Then something magical can happen! the world can be a much better place! If only for a few moments we can let go of the past, and give up on the expectations of the future…if we emulating the child can stop being obsessed by the preconceived notions and ideas about beauty, success, fame and recognition, and the sense of importance we attach to it, which ultimately starts to govern our lives and the way we conduct it., then we have stepped into the realm of spontaneity! For its only in spontaneity that we can truly be who we are!

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