Baby Poems and Quatations



Baby sweet, baby mine,

King of Kings, so sublime, 

Born for us on Christmas Day, 

Master of all that you'll survey.

Baby dear, baby fine, 

Lord of Lords, so divine,

Your birth we celebrate, and share

Our lives with you, as we say your prayer.

Baby loved, baby shine,

God, Creator, we are thine, 

Be our Father, dwell within

Our souls, and let our praise begin.

3)Waiting for the baby

We are waiting for the baby

To smile its sweet smiles 

We are waiting for the baby

To touch the nursery tiles

We are waiting for the baby

To say its first word

We are waiting for the baby

To taste its first curd

we are waiting for the baby 

To eat its first snack

We are waiting for the baby

To give us all a smack!


Nature Baby as free as a bird 

Nature Baby not speaking a word 

Nature Baby living day by day 

Nature Baby always floating away. Feeling the soil around my feet

The sun rays beating down with heat

My being feeling like I'm not physically here 

And when I look around I'm so much more aware. The energy keeps coming my way 

As I buzz through life and play 

Nature Baby being free

Nature Baby that is me 

That is what is meant to be. Nature Baby gave the garden lots of love and energy 

And now the gardens have surrounded me with beauty 

And the heavenly scents from each flower in bloom

As we share the space within this big room.

Nature Baby as free as a bird 

Nature Baby not speaking a word.

6)BEAUTIFUL LIL GIRL… Beautiful little girl

That's what you are

With that cute little curl

Im glad we came this far

 You were inside of me 

I can't believe this is real

This was mean't to be


Baby, sweet baby, with tears in your eyes

Rest your head gently, there's no need to cry,

Come let me sing you a soft lullaby

The sandman is coming and dreamland is night;

Baby, sweet baby, with skin soft and fair

And little pink ribbons done up in your hair,

In your tiny world there should not be a care

May angels surround you and send you a prayer;

Baby, sweet baby, your cute button nose

Your soft tiny fingers and sweet baby toes

Have truly bewitched me and nobody knows

How the depth of my love for you just grows and grows;

So precious and tender your love is to me,

Until I first held you, I never could see

How wonderfully magical my life could be -

You've opened my heart and my spirit is free!


 You flew in softly and tiptoed in my life

 My parched soul got a reprieve

My heart is now your permanent home 

We shall play with elves and gnomes

The moon will sing with me a lullaby

The stars do a slow tambourine dance in the sky 

My blurred vision suddenly got a divine sight

You are the soul of my soul, my eternal light

There is a river gushing inside me

You are the fountain, you are my chi 

I hear nothing but your sweet voice

You shimmer, you glisten and I rejoice

You, my darling are my inner sun 

You are the song that I will hum

Today, tomorrow and forever 

Your inner light I shall devour 

You are the ink on my heart that will never blur

The calligraphy etched deep inside 

You have fulfilled a deep void 

You are my baby, my love, my joy, my pride

    I know i'll be greiving

    But, we can talk on the phone

    Beautiful little girl

    That's what you are

    With that cute little curl

   Im glad we came this far

   And i can't explain how i feelI love your sweet smile

   And that little face you make

   It was all worth the while

   Like when you awake

   Now you are leaving

   Leaving me all alone

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