Will I Hurt My Wife/Baby If I Want to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Will I Hurt My Wife/Baby If I Want to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Some couples abstain from sex during pregnancy because of fear that it can harm the mother and the baby. While there is nothing wrong with taking precautions, it helps to seek medical advice from professionals.

You surely don’t want to deprive yourself of pleasure just because of uninformed belief, do you? Truth is, sex during pregnancy is safe under several circumstances.

That’s right. You and your spouse can still have fun while your little one is still inside. There are just things you have to take into consideration before having intercourse with your pregnant partner.

  •  Baby’s Condition Inside the Womb

You should check with your doctor if your spouse’s pregnancy is normal and low risk. Also, ensure if your baby is healthy with no complications whatsoever. If so, you have nothing to worry about.

Most miscarriages happen because the fetus is not developing normally, not because the parents have sex.Sexual stimulation or orgasm may cause mild uterine contractions, but they are just temporary and will not harm the baby.

The amniotic sac, as well as the strong muscles of the mother’s uterus, can protect the baby. While the mucus plug that covers your spouse’s cervix shields your baby against infection. Thus, sex won’t harm the baby.

You may experiment with the best sexual positions that are comfortable for you and most especially to your spouse. As long as there are mutual pleasure and understanding between you, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Just avoid oral and anal sex. When you give your partner oral sex, make sure you don’t blow her vagina as it might block some blood vessels. Air embolism can be life-threatening to your spouse and baby. On the other hand, totally refrain from anal sex as it can spread bacteria from your spouse’s rectum to the vagina.

  •   Your Spouse’s Condition and Opinion

Aside from your baby’s condition, you should also be respectful of what your spouse says and feels about sex during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is different for every woman. Some lack the sexual drive because of hormonal changes. Also, there are women who experience irritating pregnancy symptoms. They always feel dizzy and tired. Some even vomit and bleed.

It is important to be sensitive to what your spouse is going through. If she is not keen on having sex, you should let go of your own sexual desire and respect her choice. You only have nine months to wait after all. Instead of resenting your spouse, place yourself in her shoes and understand the reason why she refuses.

Give her a massage. Help her do the household chores. Accompany her during her check-ups, and make your spouse feel comfortable during her pregnancy. When her symptoms subside in her second trimester, she will gain the strength and the drive to have sex with you.

  •   When Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

As long as your spouse is having a normal pregnancy and is comfortable to have sex even with bulging stomach, you can go ahead and have sex. It is safe. Just be mindful of the first trimester as it is quite hard for her. As well as the final weeks before she gives birth as sex can trigger contractions and labor during this time.

While sex is safe during pregnancy, remember that it is still a mutual decision between you and your spouse. If you’re both comfortable with it, nothing should hold you back.

Take note that it’s normal to feel muscle cramps after sex, but if it stays longer, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor. Don’t be shy to ask about sex during and after pregnancy. If you are advised to refrain from having sex, make it clear if you need to avoid orgasm, penetration, or both.

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