What do I Expect during the First Few Weeks of Pregnancy?

What do I (the man) Expect during the First Few Weeks of Pregnancy?

The first few weeks of pregnancy is definitely an exciting moment not just for the expecting mothers but for the fathers as well. If you’re one, it’s easy to get anxious over the sudden changes in your dynamic as a couple. However, this journey with your spouse is something that you should cherish. This is the best time for you to not only act as a loving caretaker to your partner but also an individual worthy to be called a father. Thus, to prepare yourself for this responsibility, knowing what to expect during the first few weeks of pregnancy is necessary in order to fulfill your role as the man of the family.

   Physical Changes

One of the most obvious signs you’ll notice is the physical changes in your partner’s body. For a lot of women, these adjustmentscould get too stressful at times. The drastic changes in their skin color, breasts, and belly could be a little too much for them to handle alone. Thus, if your partner feels overwhelmed, give them your full attention and assurance.

It’s common for pregnant women to feel insecure about their body during this time. That’s why you should expect your partnerto feel doubtful of herself. Being sensitive to her state is what would make you a better partner for her. During this time, her ego needsreassurance from you. Thus, be generous with your praises, constantly tell her that you love her more and that you’re excited to become a father. This will not only relieve her of her anxieties but will also improve your relationship with her generally.

   Bodily Symptoms

Next, bodily symptoms are observed. This part is different for each woman. However, only one this is for sure – she will need your support at all times. Especially during the first trimester, her bodily symptoms will be evident. She’ll experience morning sickness, bouts of dizziness, hunger pangs, random food cravings, and frequent trips to the bathroom for most of the day. Thus, you could only imagine the trouble she’ll undergo during this time.

To show her your support, be extra gentle with her. She may ask you to buy certain foods, request for massages, or even demand that youstop eating a particular dish because she hates the smell of it. Hence, be more patient with her. She’s at a sensitive stage, so as the man that she’s depending on, selflesslygiving in to her needs will certainly make her pregnancy easier and your relationship happier.

   Emotional or Psychological Changes

Lastly, a pregnant woman could get a bit emotional during this stage. Her whole system is being adjusted in order to accommodate the baby inside of her. So, hormonal changes could make her feel a wide range of emotions. Most of the time, she’ll have episodes of elation and excitement. Other times, extreme sadness and anxiety.

This is where you should practice empathy. Being concerned for your partner’s emotional wellbeing is also a preparation for fatherhood since you’ll not only acquire patience but compassion as well – a virtue that every father should have.  

   Understanding and Supporting your Partner

As a spouse, it is your duty to support your partner throughout her pregnancy. There are so many things that you could do to help her cope up with the stress. First, in order to understand her state of being, it’s best that you learn as much as you can about pregnancy. Reading articles, books, and attending seminars can already go a long way.

Finally, your presence will do great wonders in helping your partner. Since pregnancy is a unique experience for each woman, their idea of support can vary. Hence, do what makes her comfortable and happy at all times – Be with her during hospital visits, help her around the house and do the chores, and be extra cooperative all the time. Simply being with your partner is already a great form of support. 

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