What do I do When my Wife Panics about Breastfeeding?

What do I do When my Wife Panics about Breastfeeding, Baby not sleeping, or Not Growing?

Welcoming a new member of the family is a beautiful moment. This transition in a couple’s relationship is both exciting and frightening especially for first-time parents. Having a baby could mean a lot of new responsibilities for couples; and for the fathers, this could be a rollercoaster ride. To give you an idea of the challenges that’ll about to come, here are some of the most common dilemmas and ways of coping up for upcoming fathers

The Baby’s Wellbeing

A baby is a vulnerable bundle that needs continuous care. That’s why when parents see that their baby is not responding to their attention, this could already lead to a panic. Because babies can’t communicate their needs to their parents, it’s up to the couple to interpret the child’s cries and body language.

Most of the time, problems with breastfeeding, sleeping patterns, and constant anxiety for the baby’s growth is what mothers oftentimes worry about. The stress is stronger during the first few weeks of parenting since both of you are still adjusting to the baby’s behavioral pattern. Nonetheless, you and your partner will eventually adapt after a few weeks of shared parenting.

However, if both of you are not confident and are worried about your baby’s state, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with the doctors.  Doing this will give you the confidence you’ll need in handling the baby in the future. In most cases, worrying is common for parents, but it’s essential to know when to involve medical intervention during worst case scenarios. 

How to Help your Partner with these Challenges?

As the head of the family, your support is needed in order to help your partner with her concerns for the baby. A strong and stable foundation is a welcoming thought for every mother, so here’s what you could do as a partner:

•    Be Calm at all Times

Your partner is likely to worry from time to time. She might fuss over the baby and get distressed at the slightest possibility of the baby getting ill. This is normal for most mothers. Thus, you should always remain composed every time your spouse is panicking. Always listen and be patient with her apprehensions. Being collected during such a time will not only help you think straight but will also relieve your partner greatly.

•    Give a Helping Hand

During times of turmoil, what you can do is offer your assistance in any way possible. Your spouse needs all the help she could get during this stressful moment. Thus, take the initiative to cooperate and deal with the household chores. If you’re busy with work, you can always hire someone to help around. You could even invite your friends and family to give a hand if you’re tight on money. A stressful situation could easily be negated once you pair up with the right kinds of people.In addition, talking to your partner will certainly ease her burden. Knowing her state and asking her what she needs to feel better will not only alleviate the problem but also help you cope up better. Having an effective communication with your partner is the key to solving your issues one step at a time.

•    Reach out to Specialists

Lastly, take the time to reach out and ask for the opinions of doctors and specialists. Seeking a pediatrician’s opinion can help answer both of your questions about the baby. Booking an appointment, visiting the doctors, and preparing any necessary medical procedures can surely eliminate your partner’s fear for the baby's wellbeing.In your partner’s time of panic, it’s you who should assist and support her. After all, sharing the burden will help you bond not just with your spouse but your baby as well – something that every family should strive to achieve. 

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