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ON behalf of my family, i extend the heartiest, warmest welcome to you! welcome aboard PaPaBambino, your guide to happy parenting! if you are visiting this site, you maybe a blessed parent already, on the way to becoming one, or planning to have a beautiful child.

We at PaPaBambino, decided to change the parenting equation for the better! in this site we provide all the guidance, support and valuable support that the father will need, to play a more significant and participative role in the whole process of childbirth, child care and fostering. in doing so, we ensure that Parenting becomes as enriching and fulfilling for the father, as it is, for the mother.

We have introduced the concept of " Fathering and Conscious Equal Parenting( CEP), which focuses on the contribution made the fathers as caring parents and supportive partners

We focus on educating the father to be, on all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and child care. this education we believe, will empower him to play a more attentive and dedicated role in the process of becoming and being a parent

We have introduced some path breaking concepts, and revolutionary insights , into conscious parenting, encapsulated in the category titled " Parenting Wisdom" on our site. these concepts when imbibed, can  greatly transform your whole experience of parenting and can definitely ensure a fulfilling relationship with your spouse and children. click here to read "Parenting Wisdom". 

We at PaPaBambino, wish you the very best, and are more than thrilled to take you through this wonderful phase of your life!!

Lots of love!!  
Neeraj Raheja

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