Common health problems and remedies

Common health problems and remedies

As parents we generally tend to be very cautious regarding our baby's health specially if we are parents for the first time.And we generally call the pediatrician every time the baby feels unwell.Be it cold,fever,teething,colic,vomiting.lack of appetite and the list could be endless...More often than not the tiny one can be treated at home without a visit to a doctor. Age old home remedies coming from the experience of grandmothers are extremely effective,easy to follow and quick with results.And such remedies are beneficial for baby's developing immune system.Here are a few remedies for most common ailments of a baby.

1.Fever: Usually fever is baby' s defense against infections and its usually best to let it take its course.But if the temperature is above 100 degree effective measures are required.
  •  Use wet compressors on forehead
  • If compressors do not help bathe your baby in lukewarm water.
  • Hydrating the baby is highly recommended to replace the loss of fluids in baby due to perspiration.
 You may visit a doctor if the baby shows no improvement.

2.Cough:  In case of coughing and congestion,we need to loosen the phlegm and help the baby to breathe
  • Rub eucalyptus oil mixed with coconut oil on baby's chest.Cover up the body.Heat released from the warmth of the oil helps to loosen the phlegm.
  •  Honey is an excellent remedy for cough.
  • Turmeric milk is an antiseptic treatment for cold.
  • Basil leaves have great medicinal properties.Add the leaves to water.Boil for about 10 mins and feed the water to the baby at regular intervals.
  • Roast  carom seeds on low flame in a pan.wrap in a cloth and allow the baby to mar even give him a warm compress of the same.

 A visit to doctor is recommended if there is no improvement.

3.Colic: Colic usually happensat the same time period everyday leaving the baby in accute pain.Tne baby is miserable in pain and so is the parent.But simple remedies can relieve your baby of the pain.

  •  Gas is a major cause.So burping during and after feeding reduces the gas formation an the colic pain.
  • Bathing relaxes the nerves and intestines.this helps in soothing the colic pain.
  • Massaging tummy gently in circular motions relieves the pain.
  • A warm bottle on the belly is helpful to relieve the pain.
  • Aniseed is a safe remedy,boil the seeds in water and feed the water to baby at regular intervals.
  • Music,a distracting sound,a car ride are other easy efforts to relieve and distract the baby.

4.Teething: Teething pain can be an agony.Here are a few remedies in happy teething.

  • An ice cube given to a baby to bite on makes the gums numb and distracts the baby of the pain.
  • Frozen food like carrots,pieces of hard fruits when chewed puts pressure on gums and allieviate the pain.But make sure to monitor in case of choking.
  • You may rub essential oil carefully over the gums to relieve the pain.Chamomile oil works best.
  • Clove is a natural antiseptic spice.Boil it in water and give the flavoured water to the baby at regular intervals.

Help the tiny tot in happy teething without pain relieving medicines.Just a little love and care and easy monitoring can help the baby.

5.Diarrhoea: During diarrhoea baby lossesminerals called electrolytes and results in dehydration.Causes for loose motions could be teething,viral and bacterial changes,etc....Understanding the cause and appropriate treatement is very important.

  • Babies dehydrate faster than adults.Keeping your baby on plenty of fluids is the foremost precaution.Homemade ORS is most effective and least expensive.Dissolve about half tsp ofsalt,5-6tsp of sugar and i litre of boiled water.Give this to your baby to drink ever 2 hours.
  • Mashed banana is a traditional home remedy which is very effective.It also gives instant lost strength and energy.
  • Juices like fresh homemade apple juice or pomogranate juice rehydrates a baby and helps to control diarrhoea.
  • Rice water from boiled rice and daal water are equally helpful.
  • A well known remedy in infants is nutmeg.Make a paste of of nutmeg rubbed in water and give this to your child.You may add nutmeg powder in baby food give it to him.
  • curds and buttermilk are extremely effective as it has the ability to fight bacteria and germs.

Precautions  are to be taken by not giving milk and milk products while a baby suffers from loose motions.

6:Rashes: Rashes in babies are due to bacterial infections.She is inflammed or even blisters may appear.keeping the baby clean and dry is foremost precaution.

  • Most common remedy is to apply coconut oil on affected parts.
  • bathe the baby with oatmeal diluted in water.
  • Always use gentle soap

Every health problem can be treated at home with these easy tried methods.But when its persisting then a timely visit to your pediatrician must not be avoided.Take care of your baby with least intervertion of medicines,Happy parenting.

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