how to Bathe Your Baby

 how to Bathe Your Baby

Every act of a parent in the process of upbringing of a baby helps in developing the deep bond between the parent and child.Right from the birth the baby knows you from your smell  and your voice.But perhaps the best way a baby gets to know you and bond deeply with you is by your touch.And a massage helps in the emotional bond and bathing relaxes hims and creates a playful mood which further helps in bonding.And a parent must make use of this opportunity in the best of his favor.

To feel apprehensive about bathing your tiny one is fairly normal.Your tiny tot's organ system is extremely delicate.And utmost care should be taken while bathing your baby to prevent accidents.Every parent must have sound knowledge about infant care,guidelines for bathing your baby and tips and precautions for bathing.            

 In countries like India great importance is given to massaging a baby before bath.After birth a baby is massaged with coconut oil,sesame oi or olive oil.Eventually he is given bath in luke warm water.The mother sits on the floor with legs extended touching each other.The baby is made to sleep between the legs with face facing the ground.The nose is between  the legs where is is enough gap  which helps him to breathe.Babies can also be given bath in tubs.

Precautions and tips for bathing:

  • Until the umblical cord is attached to the baby do not give him a bath.You may just give him a sponge bath.
  •  While bathing your baby a parent must be extremely careful never to leave him alone at any point.Have someone help you if necessary.
  • Always make sure all the necessary things like soap n  towel are kept handy.A little planning makes things lot easier.
  • Choose a tub for your baby carefully making sure there are no sharp edges.
  • Before lowering your baby in the tub check the temperature of the water over the back of your hand making sure its not too hot.
  • Always keep one hand on your baby supporting him to avoid mishaps.
  • Undress your baby and gently lower him in the tub.Use mild soaps and clean your baby carefully.Always support his spine and hold his spine and hold his head back making sure he does not drink the water.
  • Always fill tub with water about 3-4 inches making sure there are absolutely no chances of drowning.
  • Consider keeping the door closed.we do not want him to feel the cold once out of the tub.
  • Once you lower your baby in the tub carefully pour a few cupfuls of water on his head and then the body.Let him get wet completely before using soap. 
  • When the baby is wet he becomes more slippery.So take special care holding him firmly.
  • Gently clean baby's eyes,face making sure soap does not enter his eyes.Give his genetials a clean wash.
  • When you finish with bathing him wrap him gently in a towel.Carefully dry him making sure all the folds of skin are dry to avoid rashes.
  • Clad him in fresh clothes to quickly to avoid your baby catching cold .
         Sometimes bath time can be just a little stressful if you do not time it properly.So always make sure you are at lesuire before giving your child bath.If you time it well it could be a fun experience on a daily basis.

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