PAPABAMBINO soulfully extends a very hearty welcome to all the mommies and pappas, and the parents to be! Its indeed a great joy to be even writing this, for as a parent to a one n a half year child, I so deeply connect and resonate with the deep sense of fulfillment every parent feels to be able to nuture their child to the best of their ability…and to love them the most.. is just not another e-commerce portal, beaming out relevant information, providing connected services and selling products..its the swan song of one very humbled, blissful parent, trying to lend its melody to all the parents, ( parents to be) in this world. It’s a spontaneous yet deep expression of love and gratitude towards divinity, for the benediction and the blessing of a child..its a pure expression of the sublime bond that exists between parent and child, a relationship so beautiful, unconditional and pure that forms the basis of all human relations and psychological growth. It’s a humble offering to all the parents out there, who are totally in love..whos hearts are captivated by the pure consciousness of their children, who are besotted by the innocent spontaneous gestures of their little ones….who would do anything to make their childrens lives more pleasant, comfortable and meaningful…and who cherish every moment of their lives as parents, friends and guides…to their precious ones… heartfully embraces the extensive community of blissful parents and intends to provide relevant information about parenthood, infanthood, infant care, child care and much more….a big warm HUG TO ALL THE PARENTS OUT THERE!!!


Team Papabambino, December 5th, 2017,