Let The Reason Be Love


Being a devoted parent is easily one of the most increidbly dramatic changes one experiences in ones life. Its so blissful and fulfilling, enriching and it gives one the first real opportunity to start living, thinking and feeling for the signifcant other. Its such a smooth seamless transformation/transition if one allows it to be..its a beautiful feeling to wake up and start your day with the thought that what you can do to make it happy, and joyous for your little one..how you may contribute, and the various changes you can incorporate into your routine life, that will add more space/time with your child, make things more convenient for the child, thereby adding more meaning and substance to your life..

The truth of the matter is theres nothing called conditional love and unconditional love. LOVE, in the true sense of the word is always, by default, unconditional. There is love, and then there are conditions. Most of us, are so habituated to expressing our emotions and feelings, within a certain very subtle framework of expectations, pre-requisites and conditions, and this limited concept of interaction with our loved ones, over a period of time, is understood by us, as love..but its nothing more than a pale reflection of the highest love, which each one is capable of, and what each human holds, as a real potential, in the core of ones heart. And more often than not, when what we perceive as love is confronted with unfavourable circumstances or if it fails to fulfill our expectations, in the form of reciprocation or any other gesture, then this feeling of love turns sour. Anger and frustration creep in, and there is this soaring sense of indignation. The blame game begins and asperions are cast..what appeared to be a loving relationship earlier has suddenly transformed into a whirpool of anger, despondency and disappointment..and what has changed?!?? Nothing actually! What you oroiginally thought to be love, wasn’t reciprocated, acknowledged or given, what you thought and think as due credibility. That’s whats happened! But love doesn’t work that way…

Thankfully, when u become a parent, especially for the first time, doors are thrown wide open for the possibility of an incredibly beautiful relationship to begin and blossom..the parent child relationship. This by far is the one relationship which has the greatest potential of being the “REAL DEAL”..IF, and that’s a big “if”, you give it your all, sincerely, dedicatedly and honestly…each time, every time and all the time! And when you do, something magical happens! Your child begins to feel it..it senses everything, the space you are coming from, the intent behind your feelings, expressions and gestures, the honesty of your love, the purity of your attention, everything!! And this, my dear parent, is food for the soul! This contributes significantly to the emotional and mental well being of your child, which you will only be able to see, a decade or so down the line…


So, when you dive deep into it, make sure you do it whole heartedly..with absolute sense of devotion and commitment. Let there be consistency of will and purpose. Let there be honesty and purity in your love. Allow it to be absolutely free and without any sense of expectation from the chlld..just keep on giving..your mind, heart and soul! Every morning when you wake up, let the first thught be, “whats the thing I can do  to make my childs life more loved, and beautiful today!?!?”  . when you continue pouring out your love like this everyday, the result is spectacular! It has nothing to do with your child…but suddenly when you look within yourself, you feel –“your SOUL has grown wings!”…when you give without expectations, and love without reason, your whole inner self transforms into this magically gifted and blessed entity which for no particular reason, feels joyous, peaceful and contented almost all the time! And that’s an remarkable acheivement considering one can never achieve it if one goes about wanting to achieve it in the first place..but it just happens when you give without conditions!

So, embark upon the journey of love…love your child the best way you can…love him/her for a reason..and let the reason be LOVE.