Parenting – an opportunity to grow


You just welcomed your little bundle of joy in this world!  Congratulations!

Holding this tiny human is so overwhelming and you are overcome with so many emotions all at once and rightly so!

You want to protect this tiny little version of you from the big bad world and you want the best of the world for your baby!

You’ve always heard parenthood is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world – now is the time to experience it.

In the next few days you will slowly come to realize that much of your world will now revolve around your child. All your senses will suddenly be heightened – every little coo your kid makes, every little nose twitch, every little eye movement and every stinky bowel! You will find a way to analyze everything your child does and doesn’t do. All your parental instincts kick into gear and all you suddenly relate to everything your own parents said and did!

On your journey of parenthood you will come across many milestones. Every day will come with a new learning – a new virtue, a new feeling, a new emotion. It is important to channel this new energy in the right direction so that while your child grows you also embrace this new role and grow and evolve every day.

Of the many things you will learn, one of the most important ones is patience. Kids are marvelous little bundles of energy! So adorable and so frustrating all at the same time! In most situations, you will involuntarily show an increased level of patience and tolerance. Kids are learning new things everyday and while exploring the world, they question every little thing. You will be bombarded with curious actions and questions dealing with which will give you so much peace even when you want to tear your hair out!

Leading by example is said to be one of the best parenting techniques. When you reflect on the kind of person you want your child to grow up into, you develop those qualities yourself. You want your child to be kind, you practice kindness, you want them to develop a reading habit, you read and encourage them to read as well, you want your kids to realize the morals of the stories you read to them at bedtime, you help them grasp the meaning of the morals – thus developing yourself in the process.

Children also teach us a very important quality – unconditional love. A child will love you above and beyond everything – to the point of idealizing everything you say and do. And you will reciprocate the same selfless feeling towards your child. It is extremely important to foster this quality and let it grow within you. This will reflect out in to the wrld

As a parent, it will be your knee jerk reflex to protect them from the smallest mistakes. It is an extremely strong parental instinct that cannot be ignored however hard you try. However, you have to remember that you cannot protect your child from every knee scrape and every heart break. Every day, there will be something that your child encounters, which will make him braver and stronger. And it is essential your child faces all happy and sad situations for his own mental and emotional growth. It opens up perspectives and creative avenues for the child and promotes empathy, compassion and love. There may be times, when he gets too caught up in these feelings and there will be times when his confidence is low and he feels lost. These are the times you have to step up and be his friend, guide and counselor. This is the perfect opportunity for you to grow in your own regard, share your experiences, and make him understand he isn’t alone.

Being a parent is never easy but it is rightly said, nothing worth cherishing comes easily!

Happy Parenting!