Role of the spouse during woman’s pregnancy


Pregnancy is the wonderful process of bringing new life into the world. It is an absolutely fascinating, yet equally challenging process. There’s no doubt that women often carry the greatest burden of growing babies inside of them, but the truth is, men also have an important role to play. After all, it takes two individuals to create a new human being at the first place.

A pregnancy is always an unknown territory for both partners. Two pregnancies are never the same. Each pregnancy is unique in its own way and brings new challenges that have to be gradually overcome.

In many occasions, men start to feel overwhelmed not knowing exactly how to behave or what to do when their partners get pregnant. A confused partner is an extra burden to a pregnant woman who is already facing many anxieties of her own. It can make her even more stressed out. A stressed mother is not a good influence on an unborn baby. Thus, it is really important to properly understand the needs of your pregnant partner very well. You must extend your support whenever she needs you. Here are some tips that will help you come to terms with your role during your partner’s pregnancy.

Always check on her

It is really important that you are always there to assist her, reassure her, and listen to her. Even when you are busy with your work, make sure to send her at least a text to check on her. Show that you really care about her and your baby. A woman is most vulnerable during her pregnancy. So, listen to her worries and discuss her discomforts. Make sure that she is completely reassured all the time.

Be present

Sometimes loving and caring words will not be enough. You have to prove that you are 100% in this as much as she does. Accompany her to every medical appointment. Discuss health concerns with your doctor or mid wife and prepare accordingly. Go to birthing classes with her. Never leave her alone if you can help it. The very thought of you sticking with her no matter what happens will definitely help trigger her confidence.

Be tolerant

Pregnancy always comes with a package of various mood swings and emotional imbalances. You should not take anything she says or does too personally. It’s almost always the hormones doing stuff! Try to understand what she must be going through and try to calm her down.

Help her with daily chores

Now that she is carrying an additional person with her all the time, she will find it difficult to perform chores that she once did with so much ease. So, make sure to pitch in every now and then. You can clean the dishes for her. Do some laundry. Help her cook. You can basically do anything to lessen her burden!

Accept changes in her appearance

Pregnancy induces various changes in a woman’s body. Sometimes she can be a little too self-conscious about her appearance. She might feel she’s unpleasant and unattractive now. You must convince her that you appreciate what she does by enduring all these physical changes to bring someone exciting to your world. Acknowledge to her appearance. Make her feel she’s graceful than ever!

Give her healthy food

Try to understand her newly found food cravings and aversions. Pay more attention to her diet. Always make sure she eats healthy food that is good for both her and the baby. Try to avoid bringing junk food home. When you eat such unhealthy food in front of her she will feel the urge to eat them too.

Give up bad habits around her

If you truly love your partner and the baby to be born, you should never smoke nor consume alcohol around them. Passive smoking can cause many serious, fatal health conditions in the fetus. Unless you want your baby to be born with various congenital defects, you should give up smoking around your pregnant partner. Avoid drinking alcohol around her too. You must learn to show her some respect.

Be well-informed

If you have some things you need to clarify about pregnancy and fatherhood do not hesitate to ask from someone who knows better than you. Next time you accompany her to the OB/GYN ask questions to clarify any doubts that always bother you. If not, you can do your own research. Read a good book or a magazine. Surf through the internet and read a good blog article. (Just like you are doing right now) Stay informed no matter what. It will help you be prepared for any curve ball that pregnancy might throw at you and your partner.